Vertical Booking CRS - CRO

What is a CRO software?

CRO (Central Reservation Office) software is a tool that helps operators in call centres and centralised offices for chains, or staff at independent hotels to quickly and precisely manage quotation and reservation requests received by telephone, email, request forms on hotel websites, and walk-in reservations

Vertical Booking - CRO

Compared to using a PMS, the CRO greatly simplifies staff training, since it is intuitive and easy-to-use. The rates are automatically calculated based on the request so that staff operations are error-proof. The authority level can also be managed according to the user’s profile, where lower levels have access only to rates and availability, and higher levels are authorised to give discounts within pre-set limits and even accept reservations in overbooking.

Vertical Booking CRO

The Vertical Booking CRO is totally integrated in the Vertical Booking CRS, so it doesn’t require users to enter data separately. The main advantage of this system is that it makes it highly flexible, being able to manage all types of discounts, including complex family discounts, or early bookings.

Quotations can be sent with attractive email templates, customised to suite the style of the hotel brand.

Response times are critical for email requests, both in terms of presenting a professional image and because potential guests often send emails to several properties before making a decision.
A prompt response with a detailed and attractive email quotation is the best way to encourage a potential guest to make a reservation. The reply contains a direct link to a web page where the customer can quickly and easily complete the reservation.

If the CRO is used correctly, it can also contribute significantly to increasing the revenue of the hotel. In this case, the offers are tailored to the clients and are not visible to the crawlers of the OTAs (special programmes which read rates on the hotel’s website to check that parity rates are being complied with). For example, on a public rate of $100, the operator could apply a discount of 5-10% and the client would see a cheaper offer than the rate on the website and the OTAs, but for the hotel the revenue is higher because the discount of 5-10% is lower than the commission to be paid to the OTA.

The CRO allows accurate management of existing reservations: the operator can easily make changes to the dates of the booking, add services or amenities, etc..

Vertical Booking CRO - CRM functionalities

Vertical Booking CRO also includes a suite of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) functionalities: these features contribute to enhancing guest experience and increasing staff productivity, ultimately increasing hotel revenue.

 They include:

  • Customer profile management both from reservations managed by the Vertical Booking CRS and profiles imported from the PMS.
    The system keeps track of all contacts with the customers, recording their preferences such as room type or even a particular room number, the offers, services or amenities they choose or their own specific requests. It all contributes to making the guest feel appreciated and well taken care of.
  • Management of Loyalty programs interfaced external programs
  • The possibility to create email marketing campaigns using the internal or external programs, based on the guest’s specific preferences.


The Vertical Booking CRO includes a reporting function that monitors the performance of the system and also of the individual operators, the results of publicity campaigns, etc..

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